Our Story

Nothing is as satisfying to us as helping a client in a beautiful home with a great mortgage, or helping someone refinance their home or car.

In 1999 when me and my wife were fresh out of university, we went on the hunt for a new house. We found one that fitted our budget and got a mortgage loan from our local multi-national bank.

When we moved into that first home, our finances weren’t in the best of shape. I had some outstanding student loans I was still paying off, and we had missed a few payments on credit cards. Our loan reflected a rocky financial history.

A few years went by, and our financial situation improved, greatly. Our credit score went up, and we realised it was time to refinance. The problem was that we couldn’t find anyone who could explain to us in simple terms what that actually entailed. So, we did our own research and found a good bank to refinance our home and save us money.

It’s that information I’d like to share with you today. I hope it’s simple and easy to understand, we hope it saves you some money in the long run!


Gareth & Kathryn Coleman

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